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Terms and conditions

Services and Price Descriptions

It is an undisputable fact that “health" costs.  We would like to ensure, however, that the costs are transparent and kept at a reasonable level. In other words: the price–performance ratio should also be healthy. With that aim in mind, we have put together the following guide for you.

  1. Information

    General information about medical treatment in German clinics is available in many languages to you free of cost on our homepage.

  2. Diagnostic Care

    If desired we will send your significant and conclusive medical records to the appropriate clinic/doctor. The cost for making a diagnosis or drawing up a medical plan is between 100 € and 300 € (depending on the level of difficulty/clinic). In order for us to do this, we would need your most informative and up-to-date medical documents in either German or English. If so desired, we will translate the documents for surcharge.

  3. Medical Expertise / Second Opinion

    In complicated second opinion cases where an assessment of one or more treatment plans/diagnoses is required, the costs listed above (see point 2) carry a surcharge of 100 € per treatment plan to be assessed.

  4. Check- up- Examinations

    A complete Basis Check- Up costs 1200 €. This price applies to accompanying persons, also. Further specific examinations are available on request.

  5. Visa-Support

    The consulate must be presented with written confirmation of the planned medical treatment, along with a cost plan and proof of prepayment of the costs in the original. The treatment costs must be prepaid; the hospital has to issue a proper and timely receipt confirming payment stating the outline of the treatment plan and the probable duration of your stay. Visa-Support carries an all-in-one fee of 300 €. This service can only be availed in conjunction with After-Care through Caremax Ltd.

  6. Personal Accompaniment and Translation Services for Medical Purposes

    If desired we will accompany you to your doctor’s appointments and translate for you especially at the important doctor’s appointments. The costs are calculated according to effort on a half-hourly basis. Also translating of medical records in English, Russian, Arabic and German (surcharge)

  7. Personal Accompaniment and Translation Services for Private Purposes

    On request and depending on capacity we can also offer the above services for your private purposes such as Business, shopping or free time activities. The fee is calculated on a half-hourly basis.

  8. Travel Costs

    If desired you can avail of our transport services. Trips that are most commonly booked include, e.g. collection from the airport or train station or trips to the doctor’s / hospital and back. However we will gladly offer our services also for private trips as long as there is capacity. We calculate the price on a half-hourly basis. If you would prefer to travel in a luxury-class car, we can gladly find out the surcharge.

All services commissioned by you, and organized by us, on your behalf such as hospital, doctors, interpreters, hotel, ambulance, mobile phone etc. will be billed directly to you, and will be prepaid by you. By commissioning us you undertake to indemnify us against any third-party claims.

We guarantee that all the information and documents provided to us will be dealt with the utmost discretion and security. Any form of forwarding information, apart for treatment and care related purposes, is barred/ excluded.

We are not liable if the treatment plan has to be carried out differently to what was originally planned due to a new diagnostic situation or if the treatment plan is accompanied by non-desired side effects or if the treatment is carried out incorrectly.

We can support you in getting your Visa issued; however, we do not take on responsibility for it issuance.


We accept payment in cash, by bank transfer and credit card

Ps. the services outlined in points 2 to 5 must be prepaid and cannot be reimbursed after the provision of the services. This applies even if – through reasons that we cannot influence- the planned treatment in Germany does not take place.